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11 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Safe and Secure

 No matter where you live, home security is an important topic. But if you live in South Florida, it’s especially important because of the increased risk of natural disasters and the rising crime rate. Talking about it statistically, a burglary occurs in the United States every 25.7 seconds which is quite a high rate.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to keep your home safe and secure. Read on for our top 11 tips for keeping your home safe and secure.

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Tips to Keep Your Home Safe & Secure

1. Secure Your Doors & Windows

One of the simplest and most effective ways to increase your home security is to make sure all of your doors and windows are locked when you’re not at home.

This includes any sliding glass doors or windows that may be vulnerable to break-ins. Make sure all locks are functioning properly, and replace any locks that don’t work correctly or seem flimsy.

2. Install Sensors & Alarms

If you want extra protection for your home, consider installing sensors and alarms on all doors and windows. These will sound an alarm if someone attempts to enter without permission, alerting anyone nearby that something is amiss.

If you want even more peace of mind, consider adding a monitored security system with 24/7 monitoring services – this way, if an alarm goes off while you’re away from home, help will still be sent right away!

3. Add Fences & Gates

Adding fences or gates around your property can be another great way to increase security. Not only do they act as physical barriers to entry (and therefore deter criminals), but they can also add privacy for those living inside the fence line – no one likes nosy neighbors!

If possible, opt for higher fences with barbed wire at the top for added protection. Just make sure it meets local safety regulations!

4. Use Smart Locks

Smart locks offer an extra level of convenience and security when it comes to entryway access into your home. With smart locks, you can unlock your door using keyless entry codes or even remotely via an app on your phone.

You can also grant temporary access to visitors or service providers while still keeping complete control over who has access to your home. Plus, most smart locks come with built-in alarms to alert you of any attempted unauthorized entries when you’re away from home.

5. Upgrade Your Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is one of the best ways to deter criminals from targeting your property. Motion-activated lights will turn on when someone gets too close to the house—alerting both you and potential intruders that they’ve been seen—and switch off after a certain period of time so as not to disturb the neighbors or waste energy.

For added security, consider installing floodlights around vulnerable points like windows and doors that stay on all night long.

6. Keep Your Yard and Garden Tidy

An unkempt yard can be an invitation for burglars looking for easy targets; tall grasses can provide cover for someone looking to break in without being noticed, while disorganized landscaping could hide suspicious activity near windows or doors.

Keep the exterior of your property neat and tidy by mowing regularly and trimming bushes away from windows and entrances so potential trespassers have nowhere to hide if they attempt an intrusion.

7. Use Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras are invaluable tools when it comes to keeping a watchful eye over your property day or night—even when you’re not at home! Make sure any surveillance cameras you install have high resolution video capability so that faces can be clearly identified in case something does happen on or around your property.

Many surveillance cameras also now come with two-way audio capabilities which allow homeowners to communicate remotely with anyone near their property; this feature is especially useful for deterring burglars or loiterers who may be up to no good! 

8. Use a Doorbell Camera: 

A doorbell camera allows you to monitor who is coming in and out of your home from anywhere in the world via a smartphone app. You can also see who is ringing your doorbell before you answer the door. This added layer of security can help protect against unwanted visitors or package thieves.

9. Install Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: 

Smoke detectors are essential for detecting fires in their early stages. Carbon monoxide detectors are equally important as they detect this odorless gas that is emitted by fuel-burning appliances (like furnaces). Having these detectors installed in key areas around the house can help ensure that you are alerted quickly if a fire or carbon monoxide leak occurs.

10. Keep Valuables Out of Sight:  

If you have valuables such as jewelry or expensive electronics lying around your house, it’s best to keep them out of sight so they don’t tempt burglars or intruders. Storing items like these in a safe or locked cabinet can help deter potential thieves from entering your home or taking any valuables with them if they do get inside.

11. Use a Home Safe:

A home safe is an effective way to store important documents such as birth certificates, passports, wills, deeds, and other valuable items that should not be left lying around the house unprotected. Look for safes that have UL ratings for burglary resistance and fire resistance so you know they will offer the best protection possible against both types of disasters.


Keeping your family safe should always come first – so if you’re looking for ways to protect your South Florida home from intruders or natural disasters, these 10 tips are a great place to start!

By taking these simple steps now, you can rest assured that your family is safe both day and night – no matter what might happen outside those walls. Good luck!

Residential Locksmith Services FAQ

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First Locksmith provides a wide range of residential locksmith services, including emergency lockout assistance, lock installation and repair, rekeying services, key duplication, and installation of high-security locks and systems. We also offer services for smart locks, mailbox locks, and safe locks.

First Locksmith offers 24/7 emergency locksmith services, and we aim to respond to calls within 15-30 minutes. However, response times may vary depending on factors such as traffic and weather conditions.

Yes, First Locksmith can provide key duplication and replacement services for residential properties. We can also rekey your locks to ensure that lost or stolen keys are no longer able to unlock your doors. If you’re concerned about unauthorized key duplication, we can also install high-security locks and systems that make it difficult to duplicate keys without proper authorization.

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