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Lock re key – ing is the process of assigning a new key combination to the locks. As a result, the lock can only be opened with a new key. Sometimes, this whole process of lock rekeying is also regarded as a “changing of locks.”

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Major Reasons To Consider Lock Re Key

You Should Rekey Locks

Removing and replacing your locks can increase the sense of security in your home without affecting the comfort or familiarity you’ve become used to. This process does not require you to replace any of the locks you currently have. It utilizes the old locks you already have, so there is no need for major hardware replacement. As previously said, when homeowners rekey their locks, they gain sole control over their property and increase its security.

Locks and keys, on the other hand, may often be replaced rather than having homeowners go out and replace their locks. Changing key pins within a lock mechanism to make it function with a new key is known as rekeying.

If a cylinder is damaged or another internal component is destroyed, homeowners should be able to rekey locks. Decide whether you need to replace the locks or rebend them.

Burglary or Break-In:

If your locks have been tampered with, or if you have been the victim of a robbery or break-in, you should absolutely consider lock rekeying. The local police will also advise you to do so.

Master Key And Master Re key

Master key systems are a form of key system that allows you to access different degrees of access based on the type of key you have. The top-level key is typically given full access to every lock in the house, from external doors to internal doors, using levels.

The second level of the system, for example, is granted entry to a few specific doors rather than others. In other words, the topmost level key (the master key) may be used to open all of the locks; however, each level below it is restricted to a certain door or set of doors.

A master key system, in the case of master locks, is one in which a group of locks that have all been master-keyed may be used by their own individual keys as well as by the master key. In some situations, your home’s locks may have been modified to work with a master key. This could have been accomplished by the

Master Key Systems

The fact that the lock now works with a master key implies that it may be opened using one, or more, keys by anybody. Our professional locksmiths can assist you in removing it or setting up a new master key system, but these are more typical in commercial structures.

The functioning of master keys relies on a few extra components within the lock mechanism. Some of the pin pairs in locks that work with Master keys are separated by additional pins known as Master wafers or spacers.

To prevent a master key system from being discovered, keys cut to fit the wafers are embedded in locks within the master key system and simply removed to ensure that the master key no longer works on them. However, you should entrust these activities to a professional locksmith since they have years of expertise handling them.

Keys Misplaced Or Stolen

Similarly, lock rekeying becomes necessary for you if you have misplaced keys or suspect that someone has stolen the keys. In such a scenario, you should rekey any locks that have lost or stolen keys so that no one can break into your house or workplace and cause you any harm. 

Settling Into A New House

Many a time, one needs to relocate to a new home. However, before you begin living in this house, it is best to ensure its security by rekeying the locks. If more individuals have had access to the keys in the past, it might be concerning for you and a serious issue for the security of your property. 

Avoid Domestic Violence!

Another compelling reason to consider lock rekeying is if you or some of your family members are victims of domestic abuse. Within a matter of just 30 minutes, someone can create as many duplicate keys as they want. Therefore, lock rekeying in such a situation is the best option.

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Someone moved out? Re Key Is The Answer

You must always make sure that your home is safe. One possible reason for lock rekeying can arise when you have a breakup with your partner. When you reside with someone, you obviously share keys with them. However, after things have changed, rekeying is the best way to ensure that only you have access to the lock keys.

How To Choose Between Lock Replacement And Lock Re Key Ing?

Lock replacement is an option of last resort, and you only need to use it when you are dealing with a lock that is completely damaged or cannot be repaired. If you have a lock that is slightly damaged, you can go for lock repair before thinking about a lock change. 

However, in cases where only the credentials of the key are in question, lock rekeying is the best option.

Lock rekeying is a quick, dependable, and cost-effective approach to keeping your house or workplace secure since you will not have to purchase and install new and expensive locks. 

Contact Us For Professional Lock Re Key Ing Services.

Have you misplaced your workplace keys? Or do you need to rekey your house’s locks to keep it safe and secure? You no longer have to spend your hard-earned money on purchasing new locks. Whatever the situation may be, simply contact First Locksmith Inc., and we will supply you with the best re-key services based on our sophisticated tools and skilled locksmith team. So, give us a call immediately since now is the greatest time to update your home or business. 

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