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Car Lockout ? Being locked out of your automobile is undoubtedly one of the most inconvenient circumstances. Many individuals are terrified and try to smash the window glass. This is an unwise choice that results from an emotional outpouring.

The next time you can’t open your car door, call First Locksmith Inc. right away. We will be at your specified location as soon as possible to assist you. 

car lockout first locksmith

Car Lockout

You can use apps and security systems that allow you to open your car when you say “Unlock car door.” You may remotely start your car, as if using your key fob to unlock it. Your automobile may text you with updates on its condition. We’re in an era of incredible technology, and this is genuinely a momentous time. So, how are today’s vehicles affecting vehicle locks?

The car was towed from a yard, which complicated things somewhat, but that is why you hire professional locksmiths. Our specialty is based on finding solutions to help you get back into your automobile regardless of any technological protection measures you may have in place. We stay up to date and have the ability to learn quickly with the information we get from onsite experience. You could not be safer in the hands of a locksmith than you are when you call First Locksmith.

Car Lockout Tools

As far as unlocking different types of car locks is concerned, tools and their proper use are the keys to success. Modern car locks come in varying ranges, and every other automobile has its own unique kind of lock system in place. A good locksmith is always well aware of the type of tool that he will be using for a certain type of lock. This single decision plays a deciding role in how much time the unlocking of car locks will eventually take.

Some automobile owners have their car locks modified. As a result, the standard tool for the set types of automobiles will not be effective anymore. This is where the locksmiths have to innovate and select tools based on their experience in the field.

The following are some of the most commonly used tools by locksmiths to deal with car lockouts:


Wedges are used to manipulate car indoor locks as a means of car door unlocking. Locksmiths use varying types of wedges, including air wedges, wooden wedges, and rubber wedges, to unlock car doors. A wedge is basically used to create a gap between the door and the frame of the door.

Expert locksmiths always use a piece of towel or some other cloth between the wedge and the door while using hard types of wedges such as plastic and wooden wedges in order to save the car from any kind of damage, such as scratches.

Some locksmiths also use soft wedges, such as rubber wedges, to save cars from any kind of damage during the unlocking process.

Expert locksmiths try to complete the unlocking process using a wedge as soon as possible. Keeping the wedge for a longer period of time can cause irreparable damage to the car doors.

Similarly, only a professional and experienced locksmith can use a wedge for unlocking to perfection. Amateurs who try to unlock car locks using wedges themselves usually end up creating too wide a gap. As a result, either the door gets damaged or the car window glass breaks.

All these factors only make it more convincing that you shouldn’t let an amateur make any attempts to unlock car doors. Rather, calling a reputed locksmith company, like First Locksmith Inc., proves to be the best available option in such a scenario.


After successfully installing a wedge, the locksmith will use a probe, which is a thin, malleable wire, to manipulate the indoor locks of the car.

Only a trained locksmith can use a probe in an efficient manner. Also, he can better decide if a probe should be used in the first place or not.

Slim Jims

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Slim Jims work for a few car models, but it is a quick way to unlock car locks. Using slim jims requires a serious skill set on the part of the locksmith. These are basically flat lengths that are sharp on one side and have a small plastic grip on the other side.

Tryout Keys

This method of unlocking cars usually works with old models of cars using wafer locks. Tryout keys are metal strips that have no wards on them. The tryout keys are also sometimes regarded as “jiggle keys” or simply jigglers.

This is a quick fix and often also helps in starting the car as well.

Apart from this, many other methods relating to the unlocking of car locks also exist, including auto car picks and the use of specialized closed doorway tools.

However, the best person to decide which tool and method to use is a professional locksmith. If you don’t want to make a bad situation worse, it is always advisable to seek the specialized help of a locksmith for quality services. This will surely help you save your car from any undue damage.

Why Choose Us For Your Car Lockout?

You might now have a question as to why you should choose First Locksmith Inc. to get you out of a car lockout situation. The following are the reasons that must convince you to do so:

  • Specialized car locksmiths with all the essential skills and experience know the craft, science, and art of unlocking car locks of any type.
  • The ability to choose the right tools
  • All types of car locks have been cracked. No car lock is alien to us.
  • Known for quick service.
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